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Our greatest asset of Myth Studio is our people, and we celebrate the diversity where by every stage of the design, every opinion we received is like threat which weaving together as part of a fabrics of thoughts before it turn into designs. 

Nithipong Subaneknan

Founder and Director

Also known as Earth, is an Accredited Interior Design Practitioner - Class1 (ID1), under Singapore Interior Design Accreditation Council; SIDAC


Graduated from Chulalongkorrn University, Bangkok as an Architect. Practicing Interior Design in Singapore as an Interior Architectural. Earth seeks to provide more than interior design or architecture design. The first philosophy I had since aspire to become an interior architect is how to improve the way we all live, the way we feel and the way we are in touch with the environment we surrounded with, in the simplest way.  

Experience in the Interior Design industry in Singapore and abroad. With forward-thinking identity, always looking for a chance to create new Design Innovations in the simple approach. 

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Jasmine Tay


Ms. Jasmine is a registered Accredited Landscape Architect with Singapore Institute of Landscape Architect. With more than 15 years of diverse domain knowledge in landscape designs, project management, and business communication.

She has worked on many award winning and international projects including Housing, Commercial, Neighborhood and Town Centre, Master Planning development.

She is also a Horticulturist with years of experience in plant knowledge and management which are crucial in landscape design. 


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For inquiry or interest to arrange for an appointment to find out more about how we can improve life and the way we live. get in touch with us below. 

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