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Co-Living hotel
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The classical three-storey building referred to as the Eu Yan Sang Building constructed in 1910, the origin Eu Yan Sang traditional Chinese pharmacy. A long history shophouse on South bridge road, Singapore. 

The shophouse is 1 of the 2 merged shophouses project which we repurposed from the used of an office space on the 3rd floor onward and 2nd floor left unoccupied, transformed into refined interior design for hospitality purpose.

Months of designed processed was put into researched and studied to understand the heritage building rules and regulations, methods of construction restriction, and the characteristics of the space within each part of the building. To explore on ways to restore and given the new purposes to each pocket space in the shophouse.

ST Signature Co-living hotel at Chinatown is one of A&A project, the result of hundreds of hours spend with client team, architects, M&E consultant, contractor and the local Artist to work closely on the new possibilities to have the hotel facilities. 
With the right number of room to area ratio configured given by client for viable return on investment at the reasonable timeframe. 

And hundreds of hours on the interior space and design elements to bring the appropriate personality of the hotel considered the trend and the brand position from the brand analysis report by branding team and the brand vision from the client combined.

We believed, how we get the chance to put our hands on interior design A&A project, to give the new purposed especially to the centuries old building. It is a form of giving back from us to the community. By not building more but repurposed the old, use less resources to product more meaning, we contribute back to the world as a whole.

And that is a part of sustainable interior design thinking we has as a core value.

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