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MRT Seats for Thomson Line

MRT Thomson Line, Singapore

Once a designer always a designer. Cross disciplinary thinking is nothing new in current year. But in 2018 there are many doubts and question if interior designer/ architect/ interior architect are able to design furniture for large scale development of Singapore Infrastructure Organisation.

With experience working on interior design for LTA; Land Transport Authority in Singapore, After we decided to collaborate with Top pave and understand the brief from LTA, we moved forward very quickly with the design and concept with our mind of steel. We knew what is LTA are strive for.

Our design approach were focusing on the different needs of each commoners, with the understanding of each psychographics and anatomy, we are able to map out the approach and work with the restrictions.

The result is not as what we hope for but the experience we gained is priceless.

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Land Transport Authority; LTA

Myth Studio X Top Pave



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