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Concept Kitchen


We cannot deny the essences of kitchen design is one of the most important component in residential building.

We take necessary time to design an Island kitchen for one of the residential project. And it's turned out to be a kitchen design obsession.

The "Concept Kitchen" design process help us deep dive into the beauty work flow with simplicity design elements.

The kitchen counter equipped with integration of dining area for 2 on one side and washing machine in the other. It's allowed the count to flow through a small space. With small footprint it's suitable to fit right into a good size one bedroom apartment in a city like Singapore.

The Island comes along with the tall cabinet as the DUO, It integrated with the fridge compartment. The tall cabinet purposefully designed for store food for 2 which good for a month stock.

Functional kitchen with clean line, What more could we wish for.

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Concept Design

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